Our teachers are all professional dancers with classical background and a wide experience in this field. They also use the opportunity to improve and master their knowledge and skills participating in international dance-teaching workshops and taking up cources.

We cooperate well with the Balletschool of Tallinn: teachers from there (Tiiu Randviir, Ilse Adusson, Viesturs Jansons) have given lessons for the students in Tartu many times; and we collaborate with other balletschools, too. Moreover, well-known guest teachers from Europe and Russia are invited, for example, in our school have teached dancers from Belgium (Rachide Tika), the Netherlands (Anatole Karpuhhin, Antwerp), Denmark (Anna Laerkesen, Copenhagen).

Elena Poznjak-Kõlar
Prime dancer of theatre Vanemuine, founder and head of the Vanemuise Dance- and Balletschool, teacher of the first graduate class (2004).

Mare Tommingas
The balletdirector of theatre Vanemuine, teacher of contemporary dance, producer-choreographer of various concert numbers for the school, the designer of many school ballets.

Jelena Karpova
Teacher of classical and character dance, author of many school ballets.

Rufina Noor
Prime dancer of theatre Vanemuine, teacher of classical and historical dance, teacher of the second, fourth and fifth graduate class (2007, 2013, 2018).

Rita Dolgihh
Teacher of classical dance, teacher of the sixth graduate class (2023).

Marika Aidla
Teacher of classical dance, teacher of the third graduate class (2009)

Melani Mõtlik
Teacher of the preliminary class, modern dance teacher.

Inga Sadrak
Teacher of the preliminary class.

Uljana Zhuravleva
Adult class teacher

Johanna Niitvägi
Teacher of the preliminary class.

Anette Kampus
Teacher of acrobatics.

Johanna Taggu
Teacher of acrobatics.